Automating Amazon Invoice Downloads once a month

This is the craziest place in the world to ask a question of a complete group of strangers with whom I’ve built no street cred. Which is exactly why I’m doing it.

I need some help deciding what is the best way to automate problem feed to my by my bookkeeper.

Amazon (at least in Canada) sends awful order notification emails. They don’t name or describe the product. More importantly from a business perspective - they don’t list what tax was paid. So I have been asked to export my invoices. Ok I looked at that for a second and decided that I need to automate. I can’t imagine doing this manually.

What app would you use to automate this?

  • Alfred?
  • Hazel? Can’t see this working
  • Keyboard Maestro?
  • Selenium? (Ughh massively heavy lifting ahead)
  • Magic elves? (if you have any I would like one)

What have I missed as an option?

  • Mark

I could not agree more with how poorly Amazon communicates regarding orders and payments.

You know what the product is, why can’t they just include the description and cost.

I was able to run a report off of my Amazon account that was helpful.

I believe that it was under My Orders.


I use the bulk download function under my orders in the UK: