Automating... aspiring to be a Mac Power User

I think this must be possible… Not sure how.

I have to work on a Windows Laptop - an IBM ThinkPad - the NHS is so up to date with tech. But I do more thinking/creating on my Mac (for obvious reasons!). Sometimes I send those documents from my Mac email.

  • insert “to” addresses (usually the same ones).

  • Put work address in “reply to”

Title, content etc vary.
Must be a shortcut to that?
I have text expander… Or would Keyboard maestro work? Or do I need to learn automator?

Thanks team…

TextExpander or Keyboard Maestro, inserting the special characters for jumping from field to field in your email client (usually tab) and filling the addresses you need.

If work uses office 365 then the web outlook client in safari is very useable. Keeps everything above board with corporate IT also.

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Personally I would take the approach @Mpacker suggested for information security purposes.

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