Automating JPEG to Transparent PNG?

Does anyone have a good workflow or app suggestion for batch automating the removal of white background and converting to PNG (or GIF) with transparency?

I recommend GraphicConverter


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This is what I used for setting transparency in my sticker PNGs.
Since it’s command line, automation is easy.
I also recommend compressing them after using ImageAlpha, which lets you drag and drop a folder load in it. The size reductions can be really huge, especially if you’re willing to limit the number of colours.

Image Magick

Remove transparency / alpha

  • convert Pad1.png -background white -alpha remove -flatten -alpha off fPad1.png
  • convert Pad2.png -background white -alpha remove -flatten -alpha off fPad2.png
  • convert Pad3.png -background white -alpha remove -flatten -alpha off fPad3.png

Convert to jpg

I think this works: convert abc.jpg xyz.png
If not, it’s something similar.

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I also use imageMagick for this on Windows. I wrote a little VBA wrapper so I can just drop a file on an icon to convert it. I am dealing with scanned signatures on paper so the background is not always true white. Here is my command line:
convert -density 300 -fuzz 5% -trim +repage -transparent white Image.jpg Image.png

Thank you to all the great replies! :blush: