Automating Spaces in Mission Control

@mevets I don’t think unchecking that box would help. This is what I found on the O’Reilly site:

" If ‘Displays have separate Spaces’ is turned on in the Mission Control panel of System Preferences then each monitor has its own set of Spaces. When you use one of the gestures or keystrokes for switching Spaces, you affect the Spaces on only one monitor: the one that contains your cursor at the moment."

Left unchecked, the Spaces would change on both monitors whenever I hit Ctl-Left or Ctl-Right.

Thanks for the posts, though! I guess there isn’t an automation solution until Apple fixes this.

Yep. It seems you need separate spaces per monitor for your workflow. One of my hobbies is photography, so when using an app like Photo Mechanic I’ll have windows open on multiple monitors, and I want all of the monitors to be one space. That’s what works for me. :slight_smile:

I was suggesting it just to see if it changed the behavior of what you are seeing, and if the issue was related to using that option, as that is a difference, albeit not the only one, in how we both use spaces.

You are welcome. I was an interesting challenge. And it sure would be useful to automate the addition and subtraction of spaces based on context.