Automation App that tells you what app modified the clipboard?

Does anyone know if Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, or some other similar app can surface which app a copy to the clipboard came from and which app it was pasted in?

I have never heard of any apps that note the source of clipboard contents, sorry. The macOS clipboard is a public billboard open to all processes. As a mechanism to let all apps read / modify shared data any process with sufficient permissions can read your clipboard at any time, and there’s no tag showing source or able to force a signature of any kind.

The app Paste will show you the source of a copy to the clipboard.

If you use it could you post a screenshot? The app’s website unfortunately doesn’t show that info.

I want to be able to run an action when text is copied from a browser into a particular app. Unfortunately, Paste only shows it visually.

Copied lets you create named history lists based on the source app, and supports javascript-based formatting rules.


I’m away from my Mac for a while, and hope I’m not misremembering, but here’s a screenshot from the iOS app showing the source app. But as noted above, I don’t know that it’s anything but visual.

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Thanks. That’s pretty neat. I’m using Copy 'Em Paste, which as far as I can tell does not offer that option.

So my recollection of Paste was incorrect. On the Mac, unlike iOS, only the file type is shown (image, text, etc.), and not the source app.