Automation help request

Any ideas how to automate this, preferably with Siri Shortcuts?
I would like to download a picture from, get the name of the photographer (it`s an item on the page), get the link to the CC-licence (it’s a link on the page), then put both in the “imageDescription” field of the meta data of that picture. Even better if it puts the link in there as html code.
The reasoning: the blog I’m writing for needs me to insert a picture with proper credentials and a clickable link to the CC license. I would love to automate that, so that I only need to insert the picture in Wordpress an have all the details in the description already.

For starters, it would be of help if I at least knew how to manipulate the metadata of the picture …

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I’ve been looking into scraping data from web pages on iOS but haven’t succeeded yet but I’ve read enough to believe it should be possible with Javascript in Scriptable, probably, so I would look to Scriptable as a way of doing the web scrape, and when that works I’d integrate it into a Siri Shortcut

On the Automators forum there’s an interesting thread that might be of use to you


Thanks! I‘ll look into that but I’m afraid it’s too sophisticated for me.

I can relate - that’s where I get stuck, too

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I think for the beginning I can just select the items I need and put them into Drafts, using the „append“ feature. I‘ll try to figure out how to convert them into the proper HTML in there.
But I would still be greattful for tipps on how to add the text to the correct meta data field of the jpeg.