Automation: Launch Particular Browsers Based on Location?

Is it possible to create a shortcut or automation to launch a particular browser based on location? What I’d like to do is have the Safari browser open on my Mac (and iPad?) when I’m home but Chrome/Brave open when I’m at work.

Is that possible?

Keyboard Maestro uses triggers to launch certain actions, and one trigger is based on the WiFi network present. If that applies to your situation, you could use that to launch a particular browser. Or perhaps use a keystroke as a trigger, and then an if-then statement in the macro to launch a different browser depending on the network.

As far as a simpler solution, I recall using an app years ago that was tied to WiFi networks, but I don’t recall the name or its full capabilities. Maybe somebody else remembers it.

EDIT: I haven’t tested it, but I threw this together and think something like this would work (I used the “wireless network” condition instead of the location condition. I also used Edge as I don’t have Chrome installed):


Thank you, that is impressive. I have Keyboard Maestro, but it is woefully underutilized. Your response may be the kick in the pants I need to make better use of KM.


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Are you wanting Chrome/Brave to become your default browser when you are at work?

If so, perhaps this might have some useful information for developing a solution.

Automatically switch between Chrome and Safari as the default browser if your MacBook is charging or not (or any other two browsers) : r/shortcuts (

Yes. I’ll check out that link, thanks!