Automation: using hazel to monitor new photographs

Hey all. I hoping one of you automation awesome-ites might help get me started on a hazel rule. I’m a bit lumpy with them and just need coaxing in the right direction.

I have photos from my phone syncing with my desktop (I use Resilio Sync for this). What I’d like to happen is for hazel to monitor the Resilio photo folder on my desktop and every time a new photo appears for that to be copied to a drive on my synology.

What I’m not that clear about is what conditions I ought to have hazel looking for …

If date created is after … ??

thanks in advance.



You don’t need to look at the date, I would suggest “if tag is not grey” or similar, and your action to be to copy it and tag it :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rosemary. So simple. I was looking in the wrong direction. Works a treat. Cheers. Simon

It’s probably worth checking out the links I posted here

I found these really helpful when setting up my own photo workflow.

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Trying to use exif tool but the problem here is that for some reason the Photo App has a date that is the correct one but the tool is wrong.


But the exif tool gives me same that this…


This is the get_info from the exported version :frowning: Any ideas? thank you and hope you can provide some light …

Purpose: Have my pics on files and folders and save them to my Synology out of Photo Mac App library