Automator Question-Scrivener and Dropbox

You’re welcome!

If you’re looking to fill your new pocket protector, I’ve recently discovered Narwhal pens; mine is a really nice writer. And of course the best mechanical pencil in the my world is the Kuru Toga Roulette, which turns the lead when you start and stop writing so the lead doesn’t get flat on one side.

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I don’t know if you are Alfred user, but you can also install Keyboard Maestro Alfred workflow. You can quickly run your macros from Alfred.

Alfred Workflow - Keyboard Maestro | ThoughtAsylum

I am an Alfred user, thanks!!

Thanks again everyone for your kind help on this. I have one last question. Is there a video series or resource other than a deep book on how to quickly get up to speed with at least a basic to a medium level of proficiency with keyboard maestro?

@macsparky has a field guide! :smiley:


I should have known! I have purchased several of his guides and found them helpful. Looks like this is next on my list. :Perhaps some light beach reading. :slight_smile:

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