Autowriterpro Signed Up

Anyone have any information on it? It looks like some sort of service for professional writers which is not what I wanted at all. I was looking for something to catch errors.

I believe iA Writer has a syntax checker. Ulysses has some rudimentary grammar tool.

But Grammarly seems to be the popular choice.

Otherwise, it’s a good time to catch up on Strunk & White’s Elements of Style or a similar book. I’ve had this slim book since my college years.

There are also some LinkedIn/Lynda courses on writing. As much as we like to rely on tools, sometimes it’s a good idea to brush up on basic skills. Heck, it’s been ages since my high school/college days and I still refer to “The Elements of Style.”

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Thank you!

I wasn’t really looking for an app for writing but it sounded good.

I have used Ulysses and it comes up with no errors. I would love to get Grammarly but it is just too expensive.

I did buy “Elements of Style”. Now I just need to read it. I appreciate the reminder.

I find the free Grammarly is enough for me.

No fooling’? I didn’t know they had a free version.

ProWritingAid can be another option. I bought the lifetime license in one of the BlackFriday deal

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I tried it. It certainly picks up on errors I shouldn’t be making. I never learned how to type properly. Thank You!!

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