AW Ultra Wayfinder Face and minute subdivision…

I find it odd that the Minute Style within the Wayfinder Face is subdivided by sixths and not fifths between sections. Do I not understand something? Seems this is a design bug.

Is that face supposed to have a compass there? Maybe a bug?

It has 8 complications slots, the 4 on the sides as in the screenshot and the other 4 inside the watch.

You can use compass on any of them.

No, I mean that whole outer ring is a compass in the screenshots. And that compass is in sixths.

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Ok apologies, the bezel can have either

  1. longitude/latitude
  2. Elevation/inclination
  3. Nothing
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Agreed looks like a bug to me.

If you tap on the bezel, it changes to longitude and latitude…works as designed…:slight_smile: At least that’s what I am going with…