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I did try to find the standalone license, I had a link from an earlier post in this forum that didn’t work. I just assumed they removed that option. Can you post a new link?

Try this?

where do I buy the standalone license for iPassword v7 for Mac? — 1Password Support Community

“Inside the app, but it’s only available in the version you download from, not the MacAppstore version. Underneath the prompt for the subscription trial there is a link ‘looking for a license? we have those too’ or something similar.”

I have to say iOS 15 safari extensions gave 1Password a big upgrade. Their extension is really well done.


Just to add a very tardy two-bits…I’ve tried Key Chain for the past several weeks, after a long time with 1PW. I’m going back to 1PW…I got spoiled with the luxury I guess…