Backblaze issues

So I finally got around to erasing my old MacBook Air and now I’m in the process of backing up my new MacBook Air to BackBlaze.

There was no way for me to sign-out of BackBlaze on my old Air, so I never did that. I just deleted the hard drive.

Now I’m worried that it will mess with my license and backing up my new Machine.

I wrote to BackBlaze support about two weeks ago about what I should do - I have no patience for scrambling through support articles online.

BackBlaze is now backing up my new Air, but it’s still on a trial version, despite the fact that I have a license. I click the “Already bought?” link and it opens up this message:

Anyone out there with any insight on this? BackBlaze support is not really that great, I find.

I’m pretty sure only Backblaze support can transfer a license. I think you can also go into your account and remove the license from the other backup, but then your backup gets deleted, unfortunately at this point I think your only option is to contact Backblaze. At the bottom of this page is a Chat support, they are open for another 3 hours so you might have luck over chat:

The one time I had an issue with my B2 bucket, the chat was able to solve it and resolved the issue while connected.

This is only a small reason I switched to using Arq and a Backblaze B2 Cloud storage bucket I don’t have to worry about license issues and my backups can co-exist peacefully through new Macs.

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I get the sentiment, I really do, but when I logged into my Backblaze account, these two articles are linked at the bottom of the account summary page:

It’s definitely something that you should be able to do without needing Backblaze support. If you wanted to continue from where you left off with the old installation, you could have done that too, although I’m not sure if that option is still available or feasible now.

Good luck!

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