Backblaze Price Increase '21

Just received this email:

Thank you for being a Backblaze customer and using our Computer Backup service. We really appreciate your trust in us and are committed to continuing to provide a service that makes it easy to get your data backed up, access it from anywhere in the world, protect it from ransomware, and to locate your computer should it be lost or stolen.

Starting August 16th, 2021 at 5 p.m. Pacific, the prices of our Computer Backup service for both new purchases and renewals will change to $7 per month, $70 per year, and $130 for two-year plans. You can read more about the change on the Backblaze blog, but the primary drivers are double digit growth in customer data storage and significant increases in supply chain costs.

Guess it was inevitable - they’re offering existing subscribers a year at the current rate, which is nice.
I’ll be taking them up on it.

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Huh. It went from $5 to $6 about two years ago.

It seems like a good price to me still, and I’ve already locked in that year at the current price.


I just locked in for another year as well. I saved a grand total of $10 by doing so. :slight_smile:


Thankfully, my renewal gets automatically billed on August 14th, so I’m good at the current price for another year. :slight_smile:

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Listening to another Apple focused Pod, the host mentioned that he gave up Backblaze and used Time Machine to back up to his Synology NAS then backs up his NAS to Synology’s cloud. I am contemplating this type of set up as I am paying for both Backblaze and paying to back up my Synology NAS also.

I looked at Synology’s C2 pricing and it seemed much higher than BackBlaze for the amount of data I have backed up. I am willing to pay for my cloud backup because my data is that important to me, but the cost differential is enough that I just renewed another year for BackBlaze.

Obviously as the cost for BB rises the differential may get to be less, but at least for now BB is still the cheapest solution.

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The popup on Backblaze’s site said the offer would be applied “on the first renewal date after August 16, 2021”. I have a two-year corporate plan that normally renews in February. I was able to lock in a two-year extension at the old rate – so, though 2024-02. Backblaze is both a reliable and solid service, and one I don’t have to self-configure and wonder if it is working correctly.

On the annoying side, Dropbox recently keeps offering to backup my Synology. I’ve checked the “no” and “don’t ask” boxes repeatedly. My summer project is getting rid of Dropbox.

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Seems totally fair to me, especially with the extension plan. Backblaze has been a great value for me. Set it and forget it.

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I expect they will go the way of CrashPlan. “All you can eat” is not a sustainable business plan, however nice it is for those of us backing up multi-TBs in the cloud. Meanwhile I upped for another year as well. Enjoy it while it lasts!


I wonder how many outliers are pushing the costs higher for the rest of us.

My next renewal is 11/1/2021 and I can’t figure out a way to add another year or two at current rates.

It’s an honorable offering but just because they are offering a way out of paying $10 doesn’t mean we have to take it. I have two licenses and will let them slide into $7 just because I want to support Backblaze and hopefully they won’t go the way of Crash Plan… They obviously need some help, so think about giving it. That $10 multiplied by the thousands of people who will take them up on this year delay could make a difference…

I have actually had a hard drive failure and had to use their service. It was worth every cent I have ever paid.


If taking them up their own offer causes them to run out of money then they are in desperate trouble. Maybe not the type of insurance plan I would want for my data.


Let me know who you are moving to.

I doubt they are raising prices just for giggles.

If you want, you should be able to lock the price in for 2022-08 to 2023-08 since you are before Aug 16.

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Personally, if online data backup is not economical for me, I won’t do it. I don’t need it really but it is nice piece of mind.

I feel like BB is a nice company and I want them to survive, but as part of that I trust they are able to manage their business model, set sensible prices, and only make offers they can afford.

Through this offer they are getting lots of customers paying up maybe 6 months early on average. That could be the cash boost they need. Who knows? They offered, I took it up. I hope they survive till the end of my paid-up subscription. And beyond.

I got in an email (which was in spam, like all BB emails).

Here is their blog post that contains this link.

Thanks for the reminder!

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You would have to see their business plan. There’s nothing preventing them charging on a scale based on usage like cloud storage services do. So they apparently think they have a working system. They are more restrictive than CrashPlan was, which basically would back up anything from any number of systems for one price.