Backblaze & Time Capsule

Hi Guys,

How do I make Backblaze recognise my Time Capsule as a drive to backup?

I have a MacBook Pro and no Ethernet port but I am using apples ethernet to USB adapter to connect to the Time Capsule.

When I look at Backblaze the size and amount of data to be backed up does not match what my Time Capsule has stored,

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how you are connecting to your TimeCapsule. Under the assumption that you are connecting your MBP to your network, and the TimeCapsule is similarly connected to the network, then BackBlaze will not back up your TimeCapsule.

BackBlaze will only backup internal drives and directly connected external drives (USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt). It will not back up network mounted shares.

I am connecting to the Time Capsule directly via USB using a USB to Ethernet adapter, No network being used on it, I have ensured even all the wifi and etc. was off and Backblaze would not recognise the drive :frowning:

What shows up in the Backblaze app under ‘Select Hard Drives’?


Just the Mojave internal drive on the Macbook, No external drive…


That’s sort of confusing to me.

It sounds like you are plugging into the USB port on the computer, and have an Ethernet cable going from the usb to Ethernet adapter to an Ethernet port on the TC.

If that is the case, then the Mac sees the TC as network connected, not as a direct attached drive, and you are still mounting the volume as a network share.

When you plug this in, does the TC appear on your desktop automatically or do you have to mount it as a server?

If it appears automatically, do a Get Info on it and perhaps post the results.

Yes, Thats correct. The Mac is seeing it as a network drive, How do I go about making the Mac see it as an external hard drive so I can back it up to BackBlaze.

You need to use an external drive that has a USB plug to go in your computer, ie no network cables involved.

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Ok thanks Graeme, I will give that a go

Even if the Time Machine backup partition is local to the Mac, Backblaze will exclude it from its backups. I have not checked to see if the partition can be removed from the exclusion list; I am not currently at my Mac that uses the service.


Time Machine backups rely on an extension of the file system (hard links of folders) that can easily mess up any attempts to backup and then restore. To put it another way, if you have some service that can back it up you won’t be able to restore it properly. This is also why you can do a Time Machine backup on an APFS drive. Rather than making a backup of the Time Machine folders (which btw are also prone to corruption) you should be making multiple backups of the original data.