Balance preferences on the M1 Macbook Air

I’m finding that when using my AirPods with my M1 MacBook Air, the preferences for the balance appear to change by themselves randomly.

On more than one occasion, I’ve had to go back into the preferences and correct a ‘right Ear only’ balance that seems to have just miraculously changed without my intervention.

Is anybody else having any similar issues?

Or can you think of why this might be happening to me?

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Had this once or twice. Googled around and it was a known bug I think.

Edit: on an M1 MBP for reference

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Same here, on an Intel Mac mini. It’s less common these days with more recent versions of Monterey but it still happens every couple of months.

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Not going mad then ah!?! @ThatNerd @motopascyyy

Thanks for the update.

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I don’t think I ever had this issue with AirPods, however I do have it frequently when using other Bluetooth headphones (B&W PX7). The balance often changes by itself when adjusting volume either using Touch Bar or buttons on the headphones themselves.

Fortunately, I have found a solution. Well, a workaround. There’s an app (link) that can correct this issue immediately when it occurs. Simple and free.


Nice. Downloaded that. Let’s hope I never have to think about it again.