Banktivity 7 issue

Anyone having issues with Vanguard accounts not syncing? There was a mention of something at the beginning of September on the app’s blog, but that was only during business hours. I can’t find anything else. I’ve updated to the latest version but this has been broken since mid-September it appears.

Yes but I’ve not found a workaround.

I’ve basically given up on Banktivity handling investment accounts properly and now do that all in other tools.

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Ugh, I was afraid of that. I guess it’s manual data entry for me…but very disappointing.

Seems as though a number of financial institutions have stopped access to the service that Banktivity uses for synching during trading hours. Same with my Fidelity account. Outside of those hours works fine.

My issues with Banktivity and investment accounts are inaccurate handling of bonds, inaccurate handling of splits and mergers and a total inability to properly handle required minimum distributions from various types of retirement accounts. The sync only outside trading hours is not a big deal for me, I can deal with that, but the bad data is huge.

Just curious. Was Banktivity of little or no help resolving this? they have always been responsive to my queries.

No help. I tried many times over multiple versions starting with rev 5 and through 6 and 7. They were never able to get it working properly. I’d get duplicate transactions, transactions that were incorrect because they did not apply the coupon properly, transactions that were missed entirely that I’d have to add in by hand, transactions with broker fees handled incorrectly, inability to track the basis by stock lot properly and more. The problem was repeatable but they never fixed it. The solution was always you have to enter in by hand. But the next refresh of the data and all the old errors would come back. Also another consistent problem. They do not allow any way to track or document a loan you make to other people in any automatic fashion. When you say loan they always assume you are the borrower and support seemed baffled that anyone would ever actually lend money out rather than borrow. So no help with that one either.

I don’t understand, so are you able to sync the accounts if the market is closed? I have tried on the weekends and it still doesn’t update.

Not to mention none of my dividend payments are ever recorded automatically. I have to select the income account for every one, even though most are recurring quarterly payments. Very, very frustrating.