Bartender 4 CPU usage at startup?

Hello everyone, long time listener but first time thread poster. I recently upgraded to Bartender 4 and had no issues for a while. Today I had to restart my computer twice to install and uninstall some janky software (Elecom Mouse Assistant 5 - do not recommend) and at startup, the fans kicked up to max and the system temperature started climbing, up to the eye-watering maximum of 91 deg C.

I checked iStat Menus and it indicated that Bartender was the culprit. In Activity Monitor, though, fsevents was the one with the high CPU usage. In any case, I force quit Bartender, and the sensor temperature started dropping.

This happened twice, so I’m a bit wary of Bartender 4 now, though there may be other reasons for this. I just started Bartender 4 again (not at login) and everything seems to be fine for now.

Has anyone else had this experience before, or can anyone clue me in to what’s going on?

Intel-based or M1 Mac? Catalina or Big Sur? Mac App Store or direct download? Inquiring minds want to know.

Did you search your ~/Library folder for anything left by the Elecom software or Activity Monitor for running processes the Elecom software left behind? Lots of complaints like this one on Reddit. Is the Elecom Mouse Assistant Ver. software broken for anyone else on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4? : Trackballs

Sorry, should have been clearer. Intel-based i9, Big Sur, Setapp.

Running CleanMyMac now to check for any traces of Elecom Mouse Assistant. Will update if I find anything that might be causing the problem.

No problem. Is CleanMyMac what you used to remove the Elecom software? I’m a recent convert to CleanMyMac after dismissing it for years. Hope it does the trick for you.

Does SetApp still have the issue of not always providing the most recent updates for its apps? These days with a new macOS that has to straddle two processor platforms, having the latest and greatest of everything you use can be be crucial.

Nope - Elecom has its own uninstaller, which I used to uninstall the mouse assistant. It required a restart, which I did, and then I ran CleanMyMac just in case. It doesn’t look like there’s any Elecom left on the machine.

I updated Bartender 3 to Bartender 4 recently using Setapp (within the last month or so), so I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure it’s up to date. Strange.