Bartender Alternatives





Do you use Bartender search feature ? With a convenient hotkey it is a life saver !
I recently took to use it and I don’t fumble with my menu bar anymore (it’s filled on two layers already …)

I tried the Search - honestly I am surprised that Bartender is so slow -and the appearance is even slower with multiple monitors because the primary display does not show the transitions as each app is being processed.

I don’t use search, because I always forget the hotkey I’d employed and app should but doesn’t offer the ability to click or right-click to invoke search. So I just do the stroll-and-gawk when necessary.

So, is Bartender still dead? I have an awfully crowded Menu Bar - and Big Sur just made it worse.

Bartender 4 Beta works fine in Big Sur on my Intel and M1 Macs.


Something is weird with Bartender+Big Sur. I have not dealt with it since I am waiting for my new M1 MBP and will start from scratch there. Nice to hear there’s an update coming.

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Is beta invite only or public?

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Open beta

I’m using it with no issues


I’ve found the beta now and paid the small amount for the upgrade.

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Vanilla is a neat app for this. Basic functionality is free. $5 one-time for a few extra nice-to-have features. Developer seems like a cool guy.

My M1 MacBook Air arrived recently and I decided to use Vanilla instead of the Bartender 4 beta. But I must say Bartender has served me very well over the years.

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I have been using the App „Dozer“ for several months now on multiple machines - Big Sur included by now - and it works perfectly for me to keep my menu bar at sane :blush::


How are people getting on with BarTender now?
I still find it mildly frustrating and confusing to set up right and wonder if I want to roll back to the previous version (I’ve been a happy customer for a few years, it’s just the current version seems, well, wrong).

Having stumbled back on this thread, am going to try Dozer too.

Oh really? I like version 4 more than 3.

I like the return of the Bartender Bar underneath the main menu bar.

And the keyboard shortcuts for menu bar apps is a great feature.

Love v4 as well. Much snappier and usable that v3 was for me. I wouldn’t want to go back.

The customization options are a godsend under Big Sur. No way would I go back.

Loving Bartender v4.

It’s clearly just me then!

To be honest, it’s been such a whirlwind this year teaching online that I have not spent any time getting to understand any new apps, and whatever settings in Bartender I have never seem to be showing me the things I want. Probably user error.

I too was very excited to see the return of the bartender bar… let me give it another go and I’ll report back if I figure out where I’ve been going wrong.

I shall give it another go.


Right so, er, I had, um, accidentally ticked the “Bartender 3” style checkbox in options. Changing that and one or two other things makes it work exactly as I want.