Bartender setup

One of the ways I know I’m a geek is how I get excited over the silliest little things on my Mac. This morning it’s a new way to arrange the icons in Bartender. I’ve been using Bartender for years but somehow this never occurred to me. I tend to keep only my most frequently accessed icons visible all the time (and those I want to keep there so I remember to learn to use them more, like Siri and Default Folder X. This used to result in icons moving around between the initial display and the Bartender display. I’ve now changed that so everything that is displayed all the time is to the right of the bartender icon and everything that is hidden by default is to the left. Now when I click the Bartender icon, the order of the displayed all the time icons remains the same all the time.


Nice. Tried to recreate your setup but failed.
I have Bartender 3 running and can‘t find any setting to either move the Bartender Icon nor put the App Icons in any special order.

Do you have any suggestions? (Using an iMac with High Sierra)

Hi krueschi
You can move Bartender (or any other app) on the MenuBar by holding down the cmd key then dragging the app to its new position. You can change the order of apps in Bartender the same way.

Not geeky enough, you haven’t changed the Bartender icon to a custom made one. :wink:

This is my iMac’s menu bar


Oh, I also changed Keyboard Maestro’s icon.


It works like a charm. Great! Thank you.

Oh, sure, send me down the rabbit hole…

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