Batch renaming in Finder

Hey everyone,

I am looking for a way to rename files in Finder that I am downloading for school. They always have “+” between each word in the title (ex: “Lecture+1.pptx”) and I would like to replace these with spaces for my own sanity. Is there a good way to build a script or service to accomplish this? Thanks for your help!

Use Finder’s “Rename Finder Items” accessed from the Finder contextual menu (when a selection of files is made) as Rename x Items…. For example:

Find: is + and Replace with: is a space.


If you need more fine details (not having tried the finder thing yet) I use NameChanger

Great app. I also own their sister app A Better Finder Attributes (just updated yesterday), which I use a lot for EXIF editing.


Thanks so much everyone!