Battery pack for M1 MBA?

Looking for a USB battery pack that can charge/run my M1 in a pinch. Both of Wirecutter”s recommendations don’t seem to exist anymore, and I’m hoping to not have to drop over $100 on this thing.

Anybody have one they’re happy with that’s not insanely priced?

I always swear by the Anker battery packs. The 20,000 version I have from at least 4 years ago is still going strong.


I love Anker too. I have one for just USB-A. For the high output PD stuff though they seem super-expensive ($140 or so).

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I’ve been using one from Xiaomi called Mi 3 Pro and I’ve been quite satisfied with it. 20000 mAh (74 Wh), one (bidirectional) USB-C port and two USB-A. Up to 45W of PD output. I paid ~35 USD for it (including 23% European VAT) last year. I don’t know if it’s available in the U.S. though.

Did some looking, and it looks like that particular one might be discontinued. Have you found Xiaomi to be a good brand overall?

I think it’s OK. In Poland, where I live, their products are very popular and known for decent price/quality ratio. I don’t have any other of their products though so I can’t talk about the whole brand from personal experience.

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