Bear notes app -new version?


I asked the bear notes team about a feature and they stated it would actually be possible in the new version of bear. They didn’t give an indication of when that new version will release though, I cannot see anything online.

Hoping it’s sometime soon!

It’s a ways off. They have been beta testing the new editor for the last 6 month (on iOS I think) and only just started the beta for the editor for the other version (Mac?) late last year. (I can’t remember if they are currently beta testing the Mac or iOS version.)

I don’t have link, I am just going off of memory from posts on their Twitter account. Take all of this with a large grain of salt.


Mac alpha available and progressing. iOS forthcoming.

Alphas. The Mac alpha lasted something like 6 months. It’s going to be awhile I think.

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I bet not. It’s based on the same code. They may even release it as a stand alone editor.

Bear has been “in the process” for such a long time for so many things.

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