Bear > Ulysses - exporting some notes as sheets

Is there no way to export a group of Bear notes to Ulysses? Ulysses doesn’t show up in the share sheet. @RosemaryOrchard, any workflow thoughts?

On macOS, I can select multiple notes in Bear and drag them over into Ulysses, no problem. In Split View on iOS, if I select multiple notes in Bear and drag them to Ulysses, Ulysses crashes, but when it relaunches the notes I dragged over do appear in Ulysses.

Yeah. That works really well. I think the big sticking point is iPhone at this point.

In iOS “Open Bear, go to the Notes view and swipe left on the note you would like to export. Tap on the “MORE” button, select “Export note” and choose “Text Bundle” from the selection. In the upcoming share sheet, select “Copy to Ulysses” to import the file and open Ulysses. If you want to export more than one note, you can do so via drag & drop: Tap and hold one note, move the selection around and tap and “collect” the other notes with your thumb. Drop your selected notes in the “DROP TO” menu at the bottom and follow the steps from above. Do you want to migrate your notes completely from Bear to Ulysses? to swipe right in the “NOTES” view, tap on the round slider button at the bottom and select “IMPORT & EXPORT”. Once you’ve adjusted the export options to your liking, select “Export all notes” and choose “Copy to Ulysses” in the share sheet. Depending on the export options you set before, your notes are either imported as single sheets or merged together into one sheet.”