Befuddled Online Access to Website

I am not sure if this is the right place to broach this subject but I got the strangest message when trying to access Paypal. It says Error 403 forbidden. Does anyone know what it might mean?

In answer to your question, I think a lot of people know what it means.

It’s an indication of a problem somewhere between your computer and the web server. Yes, vague about what the issue and how to resolve. Could be a lot of things causing the problem, starting with a temporary “glitch” somewhere which will just disappear in due course. Do an Internet search for “Error 403 Forbidden”. Meantime,

  • Reboot your device to reset the network.
  • Check PayPal’s FAQ support page for guidance, and if necessary contact their support.
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In addition to rebooting, trying a different browser is always a good option. If one browser works and the other doesn’t, clearing the cache on the non-working browser isn’t a bad thing to try.