Being creative with the Apple Pencil

I recently got a hold of the new iPad Pro 11’ and am hoping to go iPad only soon. I haven’t received the Apple Pencil yet, but it’s arriving soon.

I’m not really sure what I will be using the Apple Pencil for to be honest. I think it sounds silly to take handwritten meeting notes and I have never been someone who was very good at drawing. But perhaps the Apple Pencil will change that.

Therefore, I’m looking for information on the best app for painting on the iPad Pro. I have never been able to draw really well in real life, so I’m thinking that an app for painting might be more suitable. But I’m also invested in hearing about other apps that are good with the Apple Pencil and also would love to hear about your use cases for the Apple Pencil in general.

I’m also looking for a great app to do adult mindfull colouring.

Ideally I’m looking for apps without subscriptions. I’m still trying to get into this and make it a regular habit to paint, colour and be creative on the iPad Pro. But I’m not really willing to add yet another subscription. I don’t mind paying for an app though as a one-time fee. But subscriptions annoy because they weigh on my if I don’t use app enough.

Looking forward to your replies :blush:

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Jason Snell mentioned that doing fine audio editing with Ferrite got him to use the Pencil more. I’m not an artist, but will occasionally do amateurish drawings and paintings in the Procreate app. I also would like a learn to draw or adult coloring app that is non-subscription


While the iPad and Pencil won’t make you any better at drawing, they might provide you additional opportunities to learn and practice drawing. I have been using my Pencil over the last years to draw and design while watching Netflix at night. Being able to create on the iPad instead of retreating to the iMac in the office has been how I found the time.

For freehand drawing and painting, Procreate is fantastic. Photoshop is also coming to iOS soon, and lots of people use this for painting too. I really suck at freehand unfortunately…

I have gotten quite good at vector illustrations though. For the high end here, Affinity Designer is the gold standard.

For scribbling meeting notes, I prefer GoodNotes.


Just got my 12.9 and I had a 9.7 with a pencil. I use it for some drawing (just my own fun) and video editing and even some file navigation activies. I’m not an artist but waiting for a few days for the pencil to come in made me realize how much I did use it. And the new magnetic version is so much nicer to charge than the old way.

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I do a lot of drawing on the iPad and I think Linea is perfectly scoped for someone wanting to play. It’s not so feature rich that it’s confusing or intimidating, but it’s zippy and has a lot of features you’d want in a digital environment (layers, zip lines, smart fill, etc).

One of my favorite things to do is to draw a squiggle on one layer and use the other four layers to turn it into something interesting.


Coincidentally, you may be interested in this forum thread:

For coloring, I’ve enjoyed using Recolor and Pigment. Both offer subscriptions but they come with enough free content to provide plenty of entertainment!


Thanks. I’ll check that thread out. Just got the Apple Pencil today. Haven’t used it much. I use my iPad in portrait mode all the time and boy is it awkward to hold the iPad with both hands in portrait mode and then have to hold around the pencil on the side.

Clicky clicky: a pretty expensive thing made for this.

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Hmmm… I’ll wager that my iPad / Pencil setup is more awkward than yours…

(Yes, I have the old iPad and Pencil)


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Spending $89 is just not right :grinning:

Definitely an improvement :wink: