Best complete note taking app?

Thanks all! Glad to spark some debate!

I’m now playing with OneNote (I use Windows for work) and it seems really, really good - the best I’ve used so far.

Will check out ZoomNotes

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Sadly, this is no different from other services. Grammarly passes through to servers to help with grammar checks, Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant also have the same issues.

This keyboard would probably not work on older phones if it required local translation. I can only imagine the CPU hit it would have on older iPhones.

Agree. I have tried lots of apps, but Apple Notes combines typing and writing the best. Other apps most of the time focus on one of them.

Unfortunately it doesn’t actually use Palm Graffiti, which is a lot more efficient once you’ve learned it:

Ugh. Well, that definitely drops my interest in it to zero.


Try it out before finally making up your mind.

Ok after a week I’m still using OneNote. Definitely worth a try if you’ve not used it before.

Creating workbooks is a bit painful, but switching between writing and typing is nice and you can write over text and type over writing.

One issue is marking up PDFs - it appears to work, but it adds the writing on top of the PDF, not “into” the PDF, so exporting as another PDF doesn’t work.

Apart from that it’s great!

I have only used Notability and Apple’s Notes. I am not comparing to the other Note apps because I have not used them.

I love taking handwritten notes. The responsiveness of the iPad Pro + pencil 2 have made this work for me. The handwriting capability was the biggest piece for me.

** Other Comments **
I prefer the list/tree/folder style of organizing over the “Notebook” style (like Evernote). But, it only has one level.

I like that I can add something (image or text box) anywhere on the page, and then write next to it, or on it, or whatever.

I often use the capability to make straight lines and perfect circles.

The “convert to text” works pretty good.

I often import a pdf and then write on it. As an example for a meeting, I will paste the agenda in to Notability on my Mac, and then write notes on it with the iPad during the meeting.

Changing colors, pen size, etc is easy and intuitive for me.

The importing and exporting work well. Easy to send something to Notability, and then easy to share it out.

I am a bit worried that my work will be “stuck” in Notability. I have not attempted to work with the Notability files directly. It would suck to have to export 1000 notes in a couple of years.

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If you have the Notability macOS app, which syncs with your iOS Notability notes via iCloud, export is a little faster than doing it on iOS.

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