Best fillable / sign PDF services for clients?

Looking for feedback on what others have found to be good services for getting clients to fill-in documents, sign, and get back to your business. Documents for our business needs may be:

1 - client just needs to sign at the bottom of a PDF
2 - client may need to fill in what some services call Basic Fields (only name, email, phone type entries are accepted) + sign
3 - client may need to fill in longer variable text fields + sign

I’m not sure if this will be best suited to actual fillable PDF’s, or a service that accepts any type of document and you just drag fields onto the layout (ie Docusign). We have tried in the past to email fillable forms made with PDFPen Pro, but there has been poor success with the clients taking on the workflow responsibility of receiving → editing → saving → sending back successfully, so we’re looking for options for better uptake.

Thanks in advance for any help.


If you recently have been doing a real estate transaction you might be familiar with DocuSign.

I’d recommend using DocuSign. It makes the experience super easy for clients without them having to understand how to fill out a PDF (which surprisingly most people don’t know how to do…)

@MacSparky, I believe you mentioned in a recent MPU episode that you evaluated several alternatives to DocuSign but decided to stick with DocuSign. Do you mind sharing with us the alternatives you evaluated and how you made your decision?

@jahala I started with a Google search of “DocuSign vs.” and found their competitors. Then I talked to some lawyer friends that used the competing services and they were all unhappy with it. Ultimately, I decided this was one of those things (signatures) where I’d just want the industry leader and not the start-up.