Best guess on when the 11 inch iPad Pro will receive the XDR display?

The logic board on my 2018 iPad Pro is starting to fail. Confirmed at the Genius Bar yesterday. Unfortunately, it was a couple of months outside of my AppleCare coverage. So, I will be purchasing a new iPad at some point this year.

I’m curious of the forum’s opinion on how long it will take Apple to trickle down the XDR display to the 11-inch model? I already have a magic keyboard and I like the portability of the 11-inch model more than the 12 so I am leaning heavily in that direction.

I don’t have any complaints about the screen on my current iPad Pro, but I watch a lot of content on it and the XDR display is appealing to me.

I’m in the market for a ‘11 as well. But I would be bummed if I purchased one now and the fall event saw an upgrade to the screen as well

That is exactly what I am trying to avoid too! I might not have any choice if this one fails completely, but I’d like to try to hold on for the better screen.

If I was a betting man, as they’ve just released a new 11” iPad Pro, I would suggest at least 12 to 18 months.

That estimate is based on historical release schedules for Pro models. I don’t think (and I’m sure someone will correct me) that they’ve ever even completed a 12 month update on a pro model if you treat the 9.7” / 10.5” / 11” as the lower line and the 12.9” at the upper line.

That doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t happen, but I would guess that either battery capacity, or lack of space in the model to squeeze in the XDR (I mean more than an extra 0.5mm would give them) because if they wanted to differentiate between the Air and the 11” iPad Pro, the recent event would have been the time.


Honestly, I think it might happen sometime in early 2022. Around March or April…

Of course I bought the iPad 3 shortly after it came out and like 2 months later they came out with the much better iPad 4. I think the iPad 3 had a lifespan of 6 months. The iPad Pros have had a release schedule of 12-24 months.

I have an iPad 2020 12.9" which I’m feeling is too cumbersome. I’d love to downgrade to the iPad Air 4, but I’m pretty sure as soon as I buy one they’d upgrade the colors to the vibrant iMac colors. You just can never know. Plus I’m curious what features will come to the iPad Pros in iPadOS 15.

The iPad 3 was … a rough time. I had the same painful experience.


@oldblueday I bought the ipad 3 also, and ran it for nearly 4 years. I could feel it struggling towards the end, but chip advances were greater back then. (The iPad 4 chip actually wasn’t any faster if I remember right)

I think that anyone buying an iPad Pro today would easily get 3/4 years out of it.

I think as always, if you need something now, buy whatever meets your needs, if you can wait, then wait. It sounds like the OP can’t wait.

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I feel like the mini LED won’t come to the 11” for at least one or two more iterations. Feels like it will be extra premium for awhile.

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I would really think the opposite. Without that screen, the 11’ is already dangerously close to the Air. I think Apple will want to differentiate the lines as soon as possible.