Best HomeKit security camera?

I have a Netatmo Welcome indoor security camera. The company recently rolled out a firmware update for integration with HomeKit. I’m less than impressed with the current state of its capabilities in HomeKit.

On the plus side, I can watch a live video feed with audio in iOS But that’s all I can do. (Full functionality is accessible in Netatmo’s

It’s primarily an INDOOR security camera. As such it should be on when I’m away from home and off when I’m at home. This should be automatic but, geofence configuration is not currently a feature in its native app or in

This camera has many great features: motion alerts, smart recording, night vision, facial recognition, recordings saved locally to SD card/FTP server or in the cloud, etc. I mostly like this device but I want to setup geofencing.

Does anyone know of a HomeKit-compatible indoor security camera that can be configured for geofencing?

Along the same lines, I’m looking for a good OUTDOOR camera for the front of the house that works well with either HomeKit/Siri and/or Alexa. I have two HomePods, three Echo Dots and four smart plugs. I also have SimpliSafe. Advice would be appreciated.