Best method or app to resize photos on iOS

I just needed to resize downwards a photo for publishing to the web. The photo existed on Dropbox (not

To do this I ended up using Pixelmator but it was very long winded.

I tried an app called Image Size but it was ugly and seems limited to using

Can anybody recommend a good app or workflow to simply downsample a single image?

I use an Automator action that when I right click a image(s) I have a service option to resize.

Workflow has a Resize Image function. Here’s an example workflow that uses it.


on iOS you can use workflow - resize image is built in - you can also use absolute pixel sizes if preferred

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+1 on Workflow. I’ve got one set up for resizing multiple images for posting online. Quick and easy once you get it set up.

Awesome, I actually looked at Workflow - but only briefly (and it was late at night!).

I will explore more deeply, because that is clearly the most efficient/automatic way to do this.