Best Mouse for iPadOS?

Once iPadOS is released in final form I’ll install it. I’m looking forward to using the mouse as an option, especially for text manipulation. I travel a good bit and I always take my iPad Pro and never my MBP. Given that I suspect that many of us will make use of the new mouse support, I thought it may be helpful to start a thread on recommending mice for use with iPadOS, especially but not exclusively when traveling.

Recommendation: wireless or USB-C?

Wireless recommendations:

USB-C recommendations:

I’m using the Logitech M510 mouse and it works great. What’s surprises me is that on the Mac drivers and configuration preference panes have to be installed for this to work. On the iPad I just plugged the little usb dongle into my lightening to usb dongle. Turned it on in the accessibility settings and it just. Automatically recognized the various buttons which I customized. Very smooth!