Best Online Courses (for horses?)

Hey all, thanks his might be a question without a good answer but worth a go…

I’ve never really been an online course person. I’ve always been a bit skeptical and preferred buying books or watching free resources on YouTube.

I think I should rectify this so was wondering if people would be willing to share relatively competitively priced courses they found helpful. Im looking for something that’s not a tutorial of a single software. (Otherwise I’d obviously be jumping into the field guides) I’m not really sure what topic I’m looking for but thought the focus audience has enough cross over that something might come up.

YouTube is certainly an option- I’ve learned a lot from there. Is a very good option too.

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Udemy has a good range of courses on many topics. Sometimes they have free/discount courses available e.g. during Black Friday.
Different Reddit forums can let you know when sales are up. E.g. I got an Automate the Boring Stuff with Python course for free after the author (Al Sweigart -top fella) mentioned it was available in one of the Python subreddits

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This. I’ve gotten many good courses on Udemy for free.

Many local libraries provide access to its lots of courses in different subjects.


Another vote for Udemy. We get it free from work and I’ve done some great courses over the years. They cover a wide range of topics, all to a high standard.

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Another one for Udemy.

Screencastsonline are (IMHO) not courses but tutorials. Extended How To’s so to say. That’s a different thing.


I believe Lynda is now LinkedIn Learning.

Another resource available through many libraries is Khan Academy, whose courses are mainly general academic topics from elementary to undergraduate levels.

I recently ran across something called The Great Courses, that has general interest courses. Their pricing is usually out of reach, but they’re having a deeply discounted sale now. The same company recently launched a streaming service, Wondrium, with a huge catalog.

I’ve taken a wide variety of online courses ranging from $10s to $1000s of dollars and would love to offer you thoughts on them. Is there any topic in particular which you’re interested in learning more about? I’m presuming just something tangentially related to productivity?

Yeah exactly, something in that field of productivity soft skills :slight_smile:


Most of the courses over at The Sweet Setup are based off of a specific app, but a couple of them are app agnostic. Examples of this include their Time Management, Calm Inbox, and Simple Habits courses. They’re all well designed and usually fairly well priced.

I’ve also really enjoyed Ali Abdaal’s courses on Skillshare. SkillShare is a monthly fee, but you can usually find a YouTuber being sponsored by SkillShare and get a free 30 day trial.

As a bit of semi-self promo I work for Signum University (well volunteer) and we’re starting to offer soft-skill courses as a complement to our MA program. I’m not directly involved with these courses, so I hope mentioning them is ok. While most aren’t geared at productivity the “Time Management” course might be of interest. Unlike the courses I’ve mentioned so far, these are live classes taught via webinar software and run as small groups.

Finally, completely outside of the range of reasonable priced courses there’s Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain. I paid $1500.00 for the course and would definitely say it’s worth it, for certain individuals. I have lots going on and am really passionate about note taking. While the course was expensive - I did get a couple of nuggets from it which have more than paid off for me.

I’ve found that most productivity-oriented courses don’t offer much in the way of revolutionary new concepts. Instead they’re good refreshers of things I already know or a way to help me view something from a different angle. They’re much more expensive, but I’ve found the live cohort-based courses to be much more valuable because of the group accountability.

Also, is there anything you think you’d like to see more of that isn’t already our there? I’m considering making my own courses focused around productivity (mainly time management and deep work) and am looking for new angles or things that aren’t currently being covered. I’d love to hear if you have any thoughts or ideas of what’s lacking in this space.