Best small travel cable organizing system?

I have ordered this one off of AliExpress for ~$2 incl. shipping for me and had to reorder it for friends and family. It is great and cheap. It has that outer mesh material that some of the Logitech portable mouse pouches have an internal pocket for small adapters and some rubber straps to organize.

I keep all my cables (USB… A/micro, A/Lightning, C/Lightning, C/C etc.) looped up in the center of the bag. Therefore the cables don’t get bend too much and will always roll out nicely without sharp bends. The cables are usually around 1m (3-4ft?).

I have a shorter (0,25m, <1ft) Lightning and a micro-USB cable (with a micro/C adapter) in a pocket of my bag or jacket paired with a small Anker powerbank, which is enough for a (partial) recharge to get me to the next outlet. I very rarely need to access the cable pouch when I’m actually in transit.

I must share this product - life saver for me as I travel. I have “a place for everything and everything in its place”

I just got a Bagsmart yesterday and am trying it out for a trip this week. I like how flat it is.

I’ve tried at least three dozen bags, grids, etc. I have stuck with this one for over a year, which is a record for me.

I keep it packed and ready to go with enough cables to outfit a small computer store. But I travel to remote places where things are not easily replaced so I’d rather have too much than not enough.

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It’s overkill and expensive but it’s built like a tank and will last forever. That’s a MBP 16" behind it for size. You could probably fit everything in the drawer in it. I use mine 1/2 for cables/dongles 1/2 for the things I like to have in my bag (paracord, shoe shine buff, wet naps, instant coffee, disposable towels, etc.). Perfect travel kit, drops into my briefcase or backpack without an issue. .