Best software for WP web development?

I need to redesign a wordpress website. I think, I know, that there are tools out there that will make my life easier in doing this - I know that the industry has matured since I last looked into this and don’t even remember what the options were when I last looked… I want to stay in WP because of all the parts that are connected (back end mailing list/credit card processing/history of purchases etc. ) so no squarespace. Any recommendations? (Yes I’ll ask on WP board as well but thought to ask here.)


I think MAMP is generally the first step for people wanting to do WordPress on a Mac, assuming you want to do redesign locally before uploading it to the server.

That’s about the extent of my WordPress knowledge, however.

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More information is needed here. What kind of redesign do you need to do? UI, code,…? Are you looking for a code editor, an IDE, an application to edit graphics, or a local environment (like MAMP mentioned in the previous post)?

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