Best Suggestions for a keyboard shortcut to create new reminder

I had no idea this functionality was in raycast!

The Due Date field responds to natural language too. :grinning:

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That’s an issue with Raycast. It is certainly a powerful tool, but it’s kind of hard to discover what it can do.

Thanks everyone. What a great bunch of people in here.
I’m going to take a closer look at Raycast and Instaremind!

How would you compare Raycast to Alfred? I’ve used Alfred in the past but before I reinstall it I should probably consider Raycast as an alternative. Any thoughts?

I only use Raycast as an app launcher, so there’s not much difference between Raycast/Alfred or Launchbar which was my old love.

Apart from the discoverability issue these tools have (what can I do with that prompt? Read the manual, really?) Raycast covers a lot of stuff that you would do with a handful of other apps. See, for example, window management, reminder creation, calendar stuff, keyboard shortcuts and of course launching apps.

So it’s basically a matter of taste. Raycast is free as in beer so giving it a chance only takes time :wink:

Thanks for response. That last sentence gave me a chuckle! :slightly_smiling_face:

As Herbert Spencer said: time is that which man is always trying to kill, but which ends in killing him.

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I keep a bookmark to Alfred’s Cheatsheet in my Safari Favorites on my start page. I frequently review this page otherwise I forget all that Alfred can do.

There’s a good thread on exactly that topic:

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I can only download it from AppStore and it cost $2.99.

You’re right - my bad. It did cost something. It’s been so long I had forgotten.

I hate how I can’t tell what an app costs in the App Store once I have purchased it!

Same here! There should be a method for that, to see what past purchases have cost.

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Hi bowertune — Just wondering if this (Instareminder) is still in development because I just came across this forum (my first post) because I’m looking specifically for this solution (since switching away from Things). I just downloaded it (for $2.99) and it’s not working. I am on a brand new MBP / M1 Pro / running Ventura (13.1). Not getting any help from the dev.

My instincts tell me that (because Apple has slowly been removing access to their Reminders API) if nothing will work anymore. (I also used that AppleScript, it worked once… but no more).

Thanks for any clarification or status update on Instaremind (or other solutions).

Hey @meatface - I no longer have that installed, actually.
Has the Apple Shortcuts app worked for you? I find that it is pretty fast now. I just tested out the “Add New Reminder” Shortcut that populates when you search for Reminders in Shortcuts, and it is lightning fast, especially when assigning a keyboard shortcut. Could be that the Instaremind dev is no longer supporting. I would try the Shortcuts app.

I know this is an old question. But this is how I solved this need in Ventura without additional software, in case it helps folks:

  1. Enabled Siri
  2. In System Prefs > Accessibility > Siri, I enabled “type to Siri”
  3. (optional) In System Prefs > Siri & Spotlight, I selected “hold option space” as Siri’s keyboard shortcut. You can skip if you can deal with the default of holding the “microphone” key.
  4. (optional) In System Prefs > Siri & Spotlight > Siri Responses, I disabled “voice feedback” because I found it annoying. But you can leave this on if you like voice confirmation for each reminder.

Now I can create a reminder by holding Opt-Space, and typing something like “remind me next Monday to do the laundry