Best way to move to new Mac

Hi All

Currently have a 2012 Mac mini running Mojave as I have a couple of 32 bit programs that I need to use, this machine will go in the loft so I can still get access.

i have a lots of apps installed and settings which would be nice to bring over. Can I safely do a Time Machine restore being will will be a newer version of the os, and just remove the 32 bit apps? Or am I going to have to go down a different avenue to get it up and running and if so what’s the best way.


AFAIK Time Machine should work, but I’d try Migration Assistant first.

I went through this last Spring going from a Late 2011 MacBook Pro to a 2020 MacBook Air. Migration assistant did the transition as advertised. At Stephen’s suggestion, I ran GO32 on the old machine first to assess how many 32 bit programs were not going to work and see if I could live without them.
Migration took 5 hours on my machine, so I would suggest setting it up to run, then watch a movie marathon or go to bed.