Best YouTube Apps For Non-M1 Macs?

I don’t like the YouTube web interface in Safari. It feels sluggish and not responsive. The regular YouTube app works just fine on my iPhone and iPad, but I want to find a YouTube app that works well on my Mac.

Clicker for YouTube has a 30-day free trial (then I think it’s a one-time $5 purchase if you want to buy it).

Of course you could use Chrome.

Google Chrome is a resource hog. I’d rather not use it.

Clicker for YouTube appears to just be a fancy web wrapper. It’s an option, but I would prefer a native app. Something like MyTube, but for macOS and its design language.

I am not sure that is actually very true with the latest versions. I have to use Chrome because of its DevTools. But overall it’s great and not as bad as others think.

I’ve been using Microsoft’s chromium based Edge browser for the past few weeks. For normal browsing, such as reading MPU, it actually uses 5-10% less memory than Safari.

Now that more than 75% of desktop computers run a chromium based browser I occasionally need something other than Safari.

MiniTube is a minimal YouTube player and search tool with a macOS client. All of the in-browser keyboard shortcut controls appear to work, but it hides a lot of the rest of the UI. And it isn’t designed to manage an account at all. It’s $10 if you like the demo.

I don’t know that such a thing actually exists, but if it does I’d be interested to hear about it.

MiniTube is better, but it isn’t quite what Im looking for. Thank you for the help though.

Friendly Streaming is worth a try. Have a look at it.

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Wait, is that a proper YouTube app?

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