Better email on iPad

Is there a way to do a bullet list and text highlighting on the iPad in Mail? I like emailing from my iPad, but the lack of these features has me reaching for my laptop when it would otherwise be unnecessary.

The Aa button gives you formatting options, but I don’t think highlighting is an option. (Just like Mail on the Mac.)

The editor in Mail on iOS isn’t the greatest. If I have to do some formatting I’ll usually either do it in Notes and copy it over or in Drafts and then run the convert Markdown to Mail option.

even if you can format mail there is no guarantee your correspondent will see it. they are in charge of how the email looks. different email programs have different way to control format (or not).

if you need formatting use a wore processor and make a pdf to send as an attachment.

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I’m on the latest iOS and bullet points are still not an option under the Aa button, at least on my iPad. Are you seeing that option in Mail?

I’m not sure why, but Drafts doesn’t work very well for me in this instance. Bear does. It’s just a pain to have to use an external editor at this stage. iPad has been around long enough we should have better options IMO

Fair enough. However, the people I email most for work see all my bullet points and highlights when I send from the Mac. It is these little irritations that keep me from using the iPad more often.

It is my memory that Apple didn’t implement Rich Text Format (.rtf) on iPhone or iPad. I don’t remember hearing that has changed. Probably one reason plaintext and Markdown were such a big deal on those devices.

I thought I used it recently, but tried on a couple of iPads just to be sure. The bullets should be there on iPad and iPhone on iOS 15. Here is a screenshot from an iPad Air 2. The onscreen keyboard needed to be activated if I used a newer iPad with the magic keyboard, but I think there was a keyboard shortcut as well.

Also, if you have the onscreen keyboard and click on the “.?123” key at the bottom, then tab and hold on the dash (by undo on the left), you can add an individual bullet.


I’ve been using an iPad for 11 years and never knew about that Format menu.

Who do I see to turn in my Mac Power User credentials?


It definitely wouldn’t be to me…I think I get one of these answers a year…guess I am good for a while :grin:

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Wow I swear I’ve looked there 100x and I’ve never seen this on the format menu. Did they add this in a later iOS, or has it been there for years? :laughing: thanks! Now if only I could highlight, but bullet points are a massive improvement

I would like to say it was in iOS 13. I don’t think I used it often until iOS 14, however.

Well I never.