Better workflow to use Alexa to add to Things ToDo list?

So I am a power user of Things and have been for about 10 years now. I’ve posted about some Apple scripts om the keyboard maestro forum and reddit I’ve implemented to sort items in my Inbox to my Today list and move via the area. Link to the reddit post if you want to check it out.

About 3 years ago I started using Sonos so I dabbled with Alexa. At the time I created a clunky but seemingly effective way to add items to my Things Inbox but it involves using 4 difference services so I am hoping there Is a more simple way I may have over looked.

Add Task Via Alexa “Alexa Add Restart Computer to my todo list”
I have the ToDoist Skill turned on with Alexa so that adds this task to my ToDoist Inbox

From There I have a Zapier Zap that takes anything added to my ToDoist Inbox to my Things Inbox.

So for simple purposes
Alexa > ToDoist Inbox > Zapier > Things Inbox.

I use to use Zaiper for a bunch of other tasks but I am using it much less so I think I am not going to renew and I’d like to remove that from the equation.

I have the free version of ToDoist but ideally I’d like to remove that from the equation as well.

Is anyone using a voice assistant to add tasks to things? Did I overcomplicate this years ago?

I wrote about this in the book 5 years ago, but I believe you can still go Alexa–>IFTTT–>Reminders–>Things

I’ll check the book out.

Good tip!
I use to go Google Assistant > IFTT > ToDoist > Zapier > Things and than I could add items to custom areas but now with no Google Assistant API in IFTTT that died.

I hate using iFTTT I feel like everytime I login there a bunch of errors with my applets and what fixes it is just opening and saving the applet with no changes.

I agree with lots of peoples post about Things 4 and what it needs to have but an Alexa skill would be top of my list,

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Best of luck! Hope you find that workflow that suits you :+1: