Beware the Ides of March

This afternoon I received a phone call from my sons high school saying that they were closing for at least the next four weeks. I thought that was going to be the big news of the day.

Then, not long before I was getting ready for bed, I came across an article saying that the CDC had recommended that all gatherings of more than 50 people we canceled for the next eight weeks.

Which means that my church, and many others, apparently won’t be able to worship together until at least Mother’s Day, including missing Easter entirely. (Even outdoor gatherings are not recommended.)

Most of my congregation is older and not very tech savvy. So it is definitely going to be a challenge to figure out what to do in the interim.

Soooo. This is going to be an interesting ride. I’m guessing that starting a Sermon podcast, Facebook Live for worship, and using Zoom for meetings is going to be a big part of my life starting tomorrow.

As Dr Sam Beckett used to say: “Oh boy.”


Keeping them safe is going to be the first priority. That might included anything you can do to keep them compliant with a self-isolation (actually “cocooning”) regime.

If you do a podcast you might want to leaflet them or newsletter them with instructions on how to subscribe to or listen to your podcast. (I’m thinking about the challenge of getting them going - so you can help them.)

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Do you have to have a FB account to watch facebook live?
If so YouTube might be a better option, that’s the route we have gone.
Worked well this last Sunday.