“Big Camera” Workflow for Home and Holiday


So, travelling in Europe for my summer holiday in 2018, my 6s was not doing great with battery life, and especially the camera ate battery percent as if it were never going to eat again! My solution was to jump on gumtree to find a DSLR (Canon 550D) for about £100. Great price, but had a little cosmetic damage. Bought an SD Card to lightning adapter to complement.

Was a near perfect solution.

  • Take photos on a day out.
  • Connect SD Card to iPad, import photos.
  • Sift through the good and bad. Deleting the bad.
  • Some light editing within the Photos app.
  • Leaving originals on the SD Card as poor man’s backup. One copy on iPad. Other on SD Card.


  • Photos end up straight in the iCloud Photo Library.
    • Backed up to cloud as soon as I’m on WiFi!
  • Bettery Photos than iPhone camera (only just!)
  • Cheap camera means I don’t cry if it does get stolen.
  • DSLR had days of battery life!
  • Conserving phone battery for navigating, translating and communicating (important when in a foreign country!)
  • No end of reasonably priced photo editing apps on iOS


  • Big camera, heavy camera.
  • Get that “Tourist look”
    • Could make you a target for pickpockets etc
  • Some learning and experimenting to get very good pictures
    • I left it on auto most of the time however.
  • No built in GPS for the Photo’s app to build moments from.
    • No simple iOS only way of adding location info to pictures
  • No automatic time zone adjustments
    • Make sure you remember to set the correct time and date on the camera before taking your pictures
    • No simple iOS only way to adjust time and date on your photos within iOS


I like how you’re so concise describing your method.

Does it work with RAW and jpg?

Do you end up with three copies-iPad, icloud, and camera card? When you delete camera card do you save to a third place?

I wonder if I can find a cable to do it with compactflash. I’d never thought of this.

My photo organization is a mess since I’ve tried to organize a catalog in PS Elements. I dropped the PS CC subscription since this is just a hobby. Saving things so Adobe/Apple work well together has been difficult and I’m trying to piece together a reasonable method to control things.