Big News is now available worldwide

The Not So Big Company released their Big News app a few months ago, and it’s now available worldwide.

My initial impressions are very positive. I’m trialing it now and it’s replaced Apple News, Unread, and Feedly for me. I’m enjoying having favourite feeds, channels, and newsletters in one place, and there’s no doom scrolling or annoying ads.

Has anyone else tried this?

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“Available worldwide” is more than Apple News can manage! It still baffles me it has not spread to additional countries.

I wanted to try it out some time ago, but it did not support the EU back then.

So thanks for the pointer!

After a few minutes of playing around it looks like it’s just another RSS service/App?

(and too flashy for my taste; I prefer the more classic look of Reeder)

Yeah, rights management is a hell of a thing.
It baffles me that they managed global availability in what seems to me quite an easy way with both the iTunes Store and Apple Music, but they STILL do not sell TV-shows here in Norway, and it’s been 17 years!

I am also curious to learn whether Big News gives access to news services beyond RSS (b/c Reeder seems to support only RSS)?


It doesn’t give access to other news services. It combines your feeds with newsletters, so it’s just another RSS app with some added extras. It gives you an email address so you can bring all your email newsletters into a better reading experience.

You could replace Norway with the name of any country you want, except for US, Canada, France, Germany, UK, and Australia. I think that ship has long ago sailed, with the industry overtaking it. And yet… they continue to sell movies in over 100 countries. :man_shrugging:

Maybe I don’t know how the news industry works… but I would have thought it was a much easier task than any of the entertainment media types.