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I posted recently that I want to start using Drafts for note taking with the intent of easily getting tasks to OF.
I subscribed to and was absolutely blown away by @timstringer course on using the two together. In one course I was introduced to Drafts, taskpaper and Hook (which I bought but haven’t really been using) and most importantly- a workflow to use them all together.
I immediately Subscribed and I highly recommend the site. I look forward to spending the next 6 months upping my OF game!
Thanks Tim


Is this the ad this membership?

Not sure what your question is?

@DannyR Sorry I wasn’t clear. I went to the website and looked at the link I provided above. I assume that that is the same learning program as you referenced above that you thought was good? I ask because I’d like to get an opinion as to whether or not the membership is worthwhile. I thought perhaps you took a learning program different than the one referenced in my link. I hope that makes sense.

Gotcha. The course is part of the membership/subscription. Here’s the link Using OmniFocus with Drafts - Learn OmniFocus

Like I said earlier- I really got a lot out of it

Thanks! 20 characters…

Which tier you signed for?

It looks like there is several options. I can’t figure out the differences between them?

I signed up for 6 months. There’s no difference between the tiers other than the duration of the subscription period.

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I’d recommend joining for a short period. I personally find the video material rather drawn out.

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Thanks for your kind words @DannyR…and great to hear that you’re finding Learn OmniFocus helpful!