Big Sur Compatibility Sony Alpha Firmware

To update my Sony A7s iii on Big Sur seems to be a problem. Sony’s says its updater software is not compatible with Big Sur. I can’t see any options to update. Possibly to just wait, or buy a windows machine? Not sure I can segment a drive and install a windows compatible provision on my iMac? How difficult is this …I’m not very savvy on messing with my Mac. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Rosalind Humphreys


Okay, I gather Sony does supply a patch as below… fairly involved but hopefully doable ……/e-m…/ilce-7sm3/downloads/00017019

Sometimes we have to give up and find a PC to do the firmware upgrade :unamused:

Perhaps you can have your camera store can do it for you.

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Yes… possibly dragged kicking & screaming to buy a windows machine…unfortunately bought the camera from an store a few Canadian Provinces over … our area very limited on camera sales. But, thank you for your input …appreciate

See if they have a linux version and get a Raspberry Pi