Big Sur: Finder: How to move Action Menu up?

In Catalina, the action menu was very close to the top. In Big Sour, it’s on the bottom. Is there a way to move it up?

I don’t think so.

(Not sure if “Big Sour” was a typo, intentional, or auto-“correct” but it made me laugh, regardless.)


It was intentional - I have so many problems with it, it’s not even funny. I sure hope Apple announces a Snowcapped Big Sour at WWDC…

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Didn’t Mr. Hackett have a utility that lets him modify that menu? I seem to remember it from a recent episode.

Edit: Found it, in the 30 Apps Under $30 show. Here’s the link from the show notes, to a Jason Snell post. Not 100% sure it’ll do what you want, but maybe worth checking out

Service Station brings control to Finder menus – Six Colors

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I was looking through the links in the show with Sal Soghoian, and I saw an app I had wanted to try that Steven talked about called Service Station. Is that the app you were thinking of? Thanks for reminding me to check it out.

NOTE: Looks like it’s free from the Mac App Store. Well, maybe not. $14.99 for the Pro version, but at least you can try it for free!

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I use ServiceStation - that’s how I got “Terminal” and “FastRawViewer” on the right-click menu. Now I just need to get these to move up (again).

BTW: ServiceStation is great - highly recommended!

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