Big Sur Glitch or Dropbox Glitch?

Does anyone have Dropbox installed on their Macs running Big Sur?
Just noticed this, not sure what to make of it…

Anyone else have a random question mark with Dropbox in it?

I guess it’s just the icon they chose. I see this in my Finder Toolbar. When I click on it, it does what it says, “open Dropbox folder” in Finder.

That icon is usually the Dropbox logo, something has happened that make it not recognized.

Might be fixed by rebooting. If not, I’d try re-downloading Dropbox and reinstalling it.

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Did they rework their system hack for Big Sur? If not it might’ve broken.

It is the “New Dropbox Desktop App.”

I am not impressed - I used the Command key to drag it out of the toolbar so it is no longer there.


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