Big Sur How to change the Day Date Time Display in Menu Bar

Do you guys know how to change the format of the Day Date Time display in the Menu Bar. The bartender says it cannot move it as BigSur won’t allow it. It’s consuming a good amount of real-estate. I would rather prefer it to display just the time. I have Fantastical displaying the Date and I don’t want three apps showing me the Date :slight_smile:

System Preferences, Dock and Menu Bar. Scroll the left pane to find Clock and set the options you prefer.

Not very discoverable


System Preferences > Dock and Menu Bar > Clock


Thanks @ThatGuy and @ChrisUpchurch :slight_smile:

My preference is to use iStat Menus for my menu bar clock. It’s highly customizable and I can click on it (or press a global hotkey) to access a configurable list of cities. To minimize duplication and save space, I ended up using the analog option for the built-in menu bar clock.