Big Sur incompatibilities and gotchas

I thought it might be good to have a central location to look for software and hardware that have some issues with Big Sur.

Bartender 3 is not compatible

Bartender 4 is in beta now, and is compatible with Big Sur. It is a paid upgrade (US$7.50), which I’m happy to pay. It’s free while in beta, and for four weeks after.


Bartender 3 is part of Setapp – fingers crossed that Bartender 4 will also be.


Karabiner also needs to be updated (working version/beta is available)

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SoundSource, Fission, and AudioHijack by Rogue Amoeba are incompatible.


FYI: Rogue Amoeba has a status page where you can monitor the compatibility of their products. Hopefully, they’ll all be compatible when (or soon after) Big Sur launches.


I check it everyday lol.

Sound siphon (similar to loop back) is in beta right now and apparently had Big Sur capabilities.

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Don’t forget RoaringApps. They’ve been at it for years. Sometimes a bit hit and miss, but useful nonetheless. I see they also have a category for Apple Silicon.