Big Sur issue? Mac "Disk Utility" won't load disks

Two weeks ago, I upgraded from Catalina to Big Sur on my 2014 MacBook Pro.

Today, I tried to run Disk Utility from the Finder. It fails to load disks. It shows the “Loading disks” message, and a spinning wheel, but fails to load either the internal SSD or any of three external disks (one Toshiba SSD, two spinning disks).

I am not having any problems accessing any disks, or running applications, or copying, moving or saving to any disks. The disks all appear in Finder, and I can see all folders and files on them in Finder. The disks all mount, and I can click on the eject icon in Finder to successfully eject any of the external drives.

Is anyone else experiencing this Disk Utility issue on Big Sur? Any suggestions for a remedy?

I haven’t had this problem on BS but I have had similar problems with Disk Utility in the past. Try disconnecting the external disks and adding them back one at a time. My problem was caused by a glitchy disk.